As a savvy consumer, you want only the best products used in your home. Whether it's a do-it-yourself or professionally installed project, you can only get the best results by using the best products. From design through manufacturing and service and support, we pledge to provide you with only the best.

Design - Snap Edge Corp. products are all engineered for the specific uses for which they are intended, not just thrown together. All product designs go through rigorous analysis and testing to make sure that not only will they work in their intended applications, but also provide you with years of no-hassle service.

Manufacturing - We use only the finest materials to manufacture our products and, wherever possible, use ecologically friendly 100% recycled materials. The 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Holiday City, OH incorporates the latest in structural foam molding technology and is ISO 900l:2000 certified.

Service & Support - Our distribution partners have all been selected because of the pre-and post-sale service that they offer. And if for any reason you need assistance beyond what they can provide, please pick up the phone and call or e-mail us with your concerns.


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