Since 1974, Paver Systems has been manufacturing quality, color through pavers that have been used in thousands of residential and commercial applications throughout Florida.

With manufacturing locations in Orlando, Tampa and West Palm Beach, Florida, Paver Systems is the right choice to serve the Florida Market with the finest quality hardscape products.

Paver Systems offers over 500 colors and 26 shapes of concrete pavers. We also offer a complete line of Paver Cleaners & Sealers, Joint Sand Stabilizers, Decorative Paver Lighting and attractive Anchor Retaining Walls.

Please be sure to visit our Paver Gardens as well as our Designer Showrooms in Sarasota and Jacksonville, Florida to obtain ideas on how our products can enhance the value and beauty of your home or commercial project.

Interlocking concrete pavers may be the best thing since peanut butter and jelly. Like the trusted PB&J, concrete pavers are the perfect staple for any home. They fit together beautifully, are easy to maintain and don't cost much. And you'll find them in a variety of households from the most modest to lavish estates.

There are, of course, a few differences. PB&J is a momentary pleasure. Pavers last a lifetime. Pavers come in hundreds of shapes, sizes, colors and designs that complement any setting. Peanut butter is, well, just peanut butter. And let's face it, a sandwich doesn't offer a big return on investment. Installing a paver patio, pool deck or pathway actually increases the resale value of your property, creating a lasting, beautiful investment for your home.

So if you appreciate peanut butter, just wait until you try a concrete paver.

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